Are you on a lookout for an interesting freelance gig that involves a whole lot of Bushwick? You’re in luck because we’re hiring two or three ad sale associates.

Are you a wonderful, outgoing and enthusiastic person who loves Bushwick, Bushwick Daily and local businesses? Do you more than anything like to make new friends and hang out at local bars, restaurants and stores? Would you like to work on a commission, so that you can be your own boss and determine how much you want to make? Do you have a good understanding of digital environment and at least basic understanding of digital advertising?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions than we want you to join the Bushwick Daily fam of collaborators!

Bushwick Daily ad sales associates will help us grow by working with local businesses and selling them our awesome ad packages.

You will be closing sales and subsequently maintain in touch with the clients making sure they’re happy and all of their needs are met.¬†¬†This is a perfect opportunity for a very outgoing person with an experience in publicity or in sales, or for someone who just wants to try something new. This gig should take up 10 to 20 hours of your time each week.

If you’re interested, please fill out our form below, we’re psyched to work with you!

It should be noted that Bushwick Daily is a fair and equal employer. We give jobs to people of all sorts of colors, backgrounds, genders, etc. We only care if you’re a good fit and if you get your job done well.

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