You don’t have to leave the hood if you want to watch Debates tonight. Besides that I think that we all will need a drink.

To watch the first first debate of the 2012 election season, head to The Bodega Wine Bar on 24 St Nicholas Ave, off Jefferson L. The Bodega guys will pour shots of Arrogant Bastard (which is a beer kinda awesome for this occasion) every time Romney says, “I’m for the 100%.” Apparently, you’re getting wasted…

Another awesome spot to show Debates tonight is Pine Box Rock Shop on 12 Grattan off Morgan L! They will have a raffle to win drinks!

We figured that since pizza is popular among presidents so much nowadays, Roberta’s will be showing debates too. But they said they will only turn it on if customers request it. So if you want to watch Debates with a democratic slice, go request it.

If you live in/closer to Ridgewood, you will appreciate that Gottscheer Beer Hall will turn it on too. Nothing is better than to spit and argue in an old fashioned beer hall, am I right?

Alright, folks, so drink wisely and no fights, please! And if you know of other places that will show Debates, please leave us a comment, and read Brokelyn for a broader Brooklyn Debate guide.