Björk Surprised Party-goers at The Rosemont with a Surprise DJ Appearance on Friday

According to attendees of Rosemont‘s weekly RuPaul’s Drag Race viewing party, Björk showed up to the party on Friday night and acted as a guest DJ after Drag Race ended. 

Alexander Kacala, a contributor to UnicornBooty, was there to witness Björk’s appearance in all her guest DJ glory, “And then at 10:15, Bjork showed up. Poof, there she was. Like the Icelandic nymph she is, she appeared out of nowhere wearing a lace mask and cape. She got behind the DJ booth, hunched over her laptop and began to play. Now, I am not a musical genius and my tastes in music are pretty basic. At first she mostly played some dissident techno electronic that was mostly comprised of gunshots and explosions. I was like, ‘OK. It’s Bjork. I get it’,” he wrote. Read the amazing full post here

She reportedly played mostly techno dance tunes, with some Ariana Grande and Beyonce thrown in for good measure. 

This is not the first time the Icelandic icon has been spotted in Bushwick; in 2015 Bushwick Daily reported that Björk was seen hanging out at The Well and Tradesman. More recently, she was seen at Dun-Well, mysteriously not actually getting one of their signature vegan donuts. 

Friday night is Fuckin LIT!!! ????? Bjork in the house!!! #bjork #therosemont #brooklyn #bushwick

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Whatever Björk’s fascination with Bushwick is, we don’t hate it. We hope to see her again at the Rosemont -or any of her usual haunts- soon! 

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