Jacque Medina


Wow, the turnaround for Bushwick bars is fast these days. Bushwick Daily received a tip that Central Station, a neighborhood favorite with awesome food and a great patio, might be closing down this Sunday. 

A bartender from Central Station told Bushwick Daily that Central Station will likely close this Sunday. The closure of the bar came up after we noticed that the bar offered only Tecate and Budweiser from their beer menu and only wings and fries from their food menu. According to the bartender it all came down to them not making enough money. 

Central Station’s management sent us the following statement:

“There’s definitely going to be a transition at the end of this week… I don’t know whether it’ll [be] closed for a day, or a week, or a month. It’s definitely going to be a change but it’s up in the air as to how that will happen. It’s all in the works.” 

While we’ll be very sad to see Central Station close, we’ll definitely be stopping by for drinks and their exceptional wings in the upcoming days.  

Featured image courtesy of Central Station.