Thanks to local artist Tania Roberts, there’s a new gallery in the neighborhood. On May 27, Roberts opened Tania Scott Gallery on the corner of Wyckoff Ave. and Bleecker St. with a four-person exhibition featuring work by artists Clark Carr, Josh Lee, Nat Roberts and Jared Owens.

“Scott was my father who passed away,” said Roberts. “Having his name on a building in New York City will be a great homage.”

In addition to serving as a space for artists to showcase their work, Tania Scott Gallery hosts events for the community. Every Tuesday from 7:30 p.m. until 8:15 p.m., the gallery features yoga classes. And this past Sunday, May 30, Roberts opened up her space to house a creative art program for local children.

“I’m so proud of Tania for being able to put this together,” said Owens. It’s vital for any community to have art and access to art.”

Video credit:

Produced and shot by Daniel Hernández-Alonzo.
Reported and edited by Evgenia Vlasova.
Audio by Kelly Hernández-Alonzo.

Top image photo credit: Jackson Schroeder.

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