In the mist of hurricane Sandy and all the damage it has caused, we put our Facebook Cover Take Over submission competition temporarily on hold. However, the Take Over had to resume because we received the most beautiful black and white photographs of Bushwick by Italian fashion photographer Enrico Brunetti. Simple, elegant yet acute lines and compositions so present in Enrico’s fashion work translated beautifully to his street photography as well. We couldn’t do otherwise but be mesmerized by the material he sent us.

Enrico was born in Rome and originally started off as a lawyer working in the field of intelectual property. However, his passion has always been photography, and soon he resumed his career as a photographer working with UTG Studios. After many years of working as an assistant to known photographers, he his own work has started to be recognized and has been published in magazines and exhibited internationally.

Enrico is team Canon, and he used Canon 5D and a 50mm lens. “It was simply great and deep experience. You

can really feel the energy of people who believe in their art working in an old industrial eviroment,” he said about photographing Bushwick.  Enrico also said that his Bushwick photography experience motivates him to go on in his personal mission. Nicely said, Enrico!

Would you also like to see your art on our Facebook page cover? Send us your portfolio website to, and the entire Bushwick will be looking at your work!