In the past couple of weeks we checked out a bunch of shows in Bushwick and beyond. We would like to particularly mention four excellent galleries, their current and upcoming shows: Theodore:ART, Inter State, Bull and Ram and Regina Rex.


At Theordore: Art, it was all Barclays Arena protest talk. In a very timely manner, Stephanie Theodor curated a solo show of Peter Krashes who also happens to be one of her yearlong favorite artists. Peter Krashes is a painter and a civic activist, for whom protesting and his artistic practice come together in a natural unity. In his works he repeatedly analyzes the role of media in a protest, the means of protest and engagement of the local residents.

Visit Theodore:Art, 56 Bogart St, Brooklyn, off Morgan L. Next show is Juliette Losq “Lucaria” opens on Saturday, October 20, 2012, 6-9pm.




Interstate Projects

Interstate Project, a gallery of Tom Weinrich’s, has made a big move over the summer and changed its location from 56 Bogart to 66 Knickerbocker. Tom worked really hard to make a raw warehouse into a pristine white gallery. The good news is that the quality of the art hasn’t changed at all, and it’s traditionally great. Medium is the Same, a solo show of Cheon pyo Lee examines questions of medium and genre. His kinetic sculpture counts bills and comprises of many different components.

Visit Interstate Projects at 66 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, off Morgan L. Next show is The Black Lodge, an exhibition of work by nine artists and it opens on Friday, October 26, 6-9 pm.




Regina Rex

Regina Rex at 17-17 Troutman is a semi-mysterious collective of curators and artists. Let me just say that these guys are always amazing in compiling their exhibitions and, thanks to their numbers and contacts, their shows are always fresh. Their last show Yesterday Amphoric lead a dialogue with the form and shape and according to the curatorial statement was a requiem on timelessness.

Visit Regina Rex at 17-17 Troutman St., Ridgewood, Queens. Next show is The Study: Michael Byron and Stacy Fisher and it opens on Saturday, October 20, 2012, 7-10pm.



Bull and Ram

We were very excited to hear that 17-17 Troutman building was getting the third gallery after Regine Rex and Parallel Art Space. Bull and Ram is a Regina Rex spin-off of a kind led by artists Yevgeniya Baras and Eve Lateiner. Their inaugural show at 17-17 Troutman featured three artists (Christian Sampson, Mira Dancy, Sascha Braunig) and was an amazing play of light, colors, plexi.

Visit Bull and Ram at 17-17 Troutman St., Ridgewood, Queens. Next show will feature Mike Metz, Hewitson Kong, Susan Smith and will take place on Saturday, November 3, 2012, 7-9pm.