By Katarina Hybenova

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A fascinating warehouse on 1717 Troutman St. located right on the boarder of Bushwick and Ridgewood, is a home to hundreds of artist studios. The building is so giant that some people have to ride a bike in the endless hallways to get to their studio at the end of the floor. This industrially romantic studio buildings is proud of its large windows, which provide for plenty of light and tall ceilings. Moreover, the deck on the second floor is one of the most magical spots in the area. It offers an unforgettable view of Manhattan skyscrapers interlaced with Brooklyn water towers. You can sit there with your friends or by yourself, drinking beer or simply enjoying the serenity of this industrial beauty… Naturally, there is a plenty of splendid art being created behind the doors. The building is now a home to two galleries. Regina Rex opened in 2010, belongs to the areas’ finest; and Parallel Art Space, its younger sibling (opened in April 2012) quickly gained the reputation of a spotless location for exceptional art.


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All that industria cum art magic causes that 1717 Troutman is one of the highlights of any Bushwick Open Studios weekend, and this year wasn’t an exception. I admit that I suffer from artist studio voyeurism, and I love to observe them as a living organisms, the last pencil being as important as the art work itself. During this year’s BOS, I enjoyed getting lost in 1717 Troutman building for several hours….

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