Bushwick Is Everywhere at Miami Art Week

Dr. Lisa Levy


Miami Art Week happens every year on the first week of December. It centers around the main fair, Art Basel, connecting small-scale art fairs, that brings together artists from around the globe. This year there were many representatives from Bushwick, putting on a great show for the world’s art stage.

Miami Art Week is a great opportunity to receive international feedback—you can meet people in the industry, who make, buy and curate art. During this week many will socialize and network, whether it’s free champagne sipping at the local hotels, staying out all night, or attending local extravagant shows.

The fair that had the largest percentage of Bushwick artists was The Satellite Art Fair, conceived and directed by Brian Andrew Whitely. The show had an authentic DIY quality with magical, inspiring work. The participants were engaging and welcoming. During the show, multi-faceted performance artist and curator, Quinn Dukes, orchestrated multiple performances.

Bushwick had  two globally renown artists appearing in the Sunshine State. Photographer Meryl Meisler, who received a standing ovation at The Miami History Museum and Hunter Reynolds, who was showing at the incredible PPOW booth at Art Basel Miami

Hunter Reynolds at the PPOW booth at Miami Art Basel

Internationally famous New York photographer, Spencer Tunick, screened a documentary at Proyecto Tulum. The film captured his project in Mexico City, where he photographed a bodyscape of 18,000 naked people. The film screening and talk after highlighted the political situation between the Mexican people and their government. (We take a lot for granted, it’s good to be reminded, VOTE every chance you get!)

Spencer Tunick in the Zocalo in Mexico City. Photo courtesy of Justin Jay

Image courtesy of Lisa Levy, unless otherwise specified.

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