Jacque Medina


Best of Bushwick is back, and it’s time to vote! This time for the best coffee spot in the Bushwick/Ridgewood/East Williamsburg area. In this case, a coffee vendor can be a cafe, shop, bodega or restaurant!

Last week, we asked our readers to nominate their go-to coffee shop. This week, we’re putting all of our reader-generated nominees together in a poll for your voting pleasure.

Again, we’d like to say that nominated businesses are allowed—and even encouraged—to promote and advertise themselves as a part of our “Best of Bushwick” series to motivate their patrons to vote for them. We would like to point out that we have not and will never take bribes in exchange for votes as some conspiracy-theory-loving readers have suggested in comments. At Bushwick Daily, we consider journalistic integrity and absolute independence to be the basis on which we build everything else.

So, vote for ONE of your favorite coffee vendors below and we will announce the winner next week!