Miriam Mosher


Brooklyn Art Book Fair (BKABF) is an alternative art book fair taking place this year on Friday and Saturday at McCarren Pool that will showcase the artwork and craft of artists and zine makers alike. Also, some of the featured work comes from Bushwick makers, which gives you even more reason to venture out of the neighborhood briefly this weekend.

The BKABF is unique in that it’s free for both vendors and the public, and incorporates artists and writers working in a broad array of disciplines. Furthermore, the two co-producers Endless Editions and Bruce High Quality Foundation University are committed to progressive causes.

Endless Editions is a curatorial and publishing practice whose mission is to produce and disseminate books and prints by emerging artists irrespective of age, gender identity, race or creed. Bruce High Quality Foundation University is New York City’s freest art school. Paul John, from Endless Editions, told Bushwick Daily that the Brooklyn Book Art Fair is “a celebration of books without breaking the bank. BKABF was originally planned with the intention of inverting the common art practice [of making the fairs financially untenable for many artists] by paying vendors to attend. We do hope to have this model in place for future fairs.”

With a reduced financial barrier, the fair boasts a high number of emerging artists alongside their impressive roster of participants. Bushwick art teacher Ben Campbell says that the set up made it possible for him to create a zine that will display the work of his art students: “It’s a great opportunity for them to display their work alongside artists who have had more recognition. It will help them take themselves seriously as artists.” 

Wendy Slaughter, one of the contributors to the zine, is a lifelong Bushwick resident whose work heavily features sketches and observations from the neighborhood as well as self-portraits and found object collage.

Wendy, self portrait for zine.

While the emphasis is on art books and zines, the event will also feature music, live drawing puppetry and more. Be sure to check out Bushwick/Ridgewood Artist Zebadiah Keneally on Friday May 18 at 8 p.m. presenting “You Always Lose At Your Own Game” a performance piece he describes with and intentionally vague phrase: “an existential soccer game.” “Check out the full list of performances and related events here.

Zebadiah Keneally

Most of the festivities are located at the McCarren Park Play Center (776 Lorimer St.). You can swing by Friday May 19 for a preview from 7-9 p.m. as well as a series of kick off performances. The full day event is on Saturday May 20 from 12-6 p.m.

Featured image courtesy of Endless Editions.