We want to send some love and appreciation to all the Bushwick ladies in art. We chose 10 young female artists who either live, work in Bushwick or are an inseparable part of the Bushwick art scene. We find their art (and them as well) completely mind-blowing.  Also we would love to see their solo show in one of the Bushwick galleries (yes, it’s a total hint).  Big thank you for all the tips we received on




. If you think that we completely omitted someone extremely amazing, drop us a comment! We are always curious about new amazing atrists.

… and here are the ladies and their art in alphabetical order:

 # 1 Liz Atzberger 

[box]Liz Atzberger works in all kinds of media, from painting to 3D objects and sculpture. She uses innovative materials and bright colors that won’t keep you neutral. Furthermore, she has a great personality and a ton of energy.  She is one of the co-founders of Airplane gallery in Bushwick, and feels positive about collaboration.[/box]


#2 Andrea Bergart

[box]Andrea Bergart has a great eye for color and pattern, which makes her not only a brilliant artist but also a fashion icon. She finds her inspiration in the visual language of the 1990s and in African bead making. Andrea has spend a whole deal of time in Ghana, and we just love her art work and fashionable jewelry.[/box]


#3 Gilf!

Gilf!: To Teheran with Love (image by courtesy of Gilf!)

[box]Gilf! is a street artist whose aim is to challenge everything! She fights inequality and is not afraid to address political issues in her street art as well as fine art work. Gilf! is one of the few street art chicks, and we dig her big time![/box]


#4 Rebecca Goyette

[box]Rebecca Goyette is a provocative, fresh artist with a great sense of humor. You will have so much fun enjoying her work! She works across the media, from painting to performance art and film. She has created her alter ego, Lobster Lady, and is basically about to blow up. Don’t loose the sight of her, and we promise an awesome art adventure![/box]

#5 Erin Haldrup

[box]Erin Haldrup is a sweet, fresh voice in painting! Energetic palette and imagery balancing somewhere between abstract and figurative. We love it![/box]


#6 Ellen Letcher

[box]Ellen Letcher is one of the most distinctive voices in the neighborhood. Ellen’s collages are cutting edge and throat, disturbing, charming, beautiful, ugly, energetic and calm – all of that at the same time. Ellen is also one of the co-creators of Famous Accountants, an influential gallery in Ridgewood. In other words, Ellen is absolutely brilliant!![/box]


#7 Rebecca Litt

[box]Rebecca Litt creates unsettling environments in her paintings. A recurring motive in her work is on orange plastic barricade fence. The characters in her paintings are surrounded with it to protect themselves from the world realizing that the protection is more of a feeling than an effective fencing.   We believe that this orange fence is something we can all relate to. Rebecca rocks![/box]


#8 Tescia Seufferlein 

[box]Have you been wondering who hang those sparkly shoes on wires in Bushwick as a response to typical Brooklyn hanging sneakers? It was Tescia Seufferlein! This girl works with costumes on Broadway, and creates great photo installations among other things. Watch out for her![/box]

#9 Julie Torres

[box]A hit by the energy of Julie Torres! That’s how it feels like when looking at a grid of abstract paintings of this remarkable artist.  Julie has been not only creating, but also curating and organizing some of the most extraordinary art events in Bushwick. From a collaborative drawing shows to a 72-hour long art marathon using cult logic.[/box]

#10 Ashley Zelinskie

[box]Ashley Zelinskie is a new media and conceptual artist. She is pretty geeky when it comes down it. Ashley basically talks in HTML, and is fascinated by new technology and computer perception of art. Ashley is one of our favorite girls in Bushwick art also because she proves that everything is possible with the right attitude. Besides great conceptual art, in the age of 24, she runs an artist studio building and a gallery, The Active Space. Respect![/box]