You may remember LUST from our take on the now-famous summer party. Curated by Abby Hertz, LUST is an immersive fetish feast; this time, it will take place at Lot45, and the November 17 Thanksgiving edition is all about abundance (I suppose every Thanksgiving is about abundance really, though this isn’t the typical cozy family affair).

Enjoy a sumptuous dinner served off of naked bodies, fed to you by “lascivious lady servants and man slaves.” There are no plates and no utensils at LUST: all the decadent food is eaten with your hands.

“We are carnal animals,” explains Hertz. “Remember your origins and eat with abandon.” Hey, you don’t have to tell me twice!

Each table and body presents a different course, so attendees can spend time lounging at each to enjoy a full meal. Vegan and vegetarian options are promised, as well as choices for omnivores. Champagne will be flowing freely.

Photo by Adrian Buckmaster

Dinner will be served from 7 p.m. until 9: 30 p.m., after which the main event will begin. Hertz’s garden of earthly delights will titillate your senses all night, with interactive art installations, erotic performance art, secret fetish stations, a dungeon and play area and a sexy cuddle puddle lounge.

Contortion, aerial, fire and burlesque shows will be accompanied by live music by Gato Loco, featuring flaming saxophone-DJ sets and steamy mash-ups by Erik Foss (of LIT Lounge) and Kevin Bourgeois.

Finally, a special performance by the Queen of the Night’s Queen, Katherine Crockett, is also scheduled.

Photo by Adrian Buckmaster

Having attended the summer LUST party, I cannot recommend it highly enough: After eating fried quail off a man’s six pack, I found myself naked in a rooftop hot tub planning an impromptu trip to Berlin! All of this was before any champagne had passed my lips. This party is a Bushwick must-do!

Tickets are priced between $45 – $175 and are selling fast. Get yours here.