Rick Skawinski Jr.

This Saturday, The Gateway will be hosting a very special celebration for their one-year anniversary.

Nestled on the corner Broadway and Lexington, not too far from the J and Z Gates stop, The Gateway has been the new mecca for Brooklynites and touring bands alike. Come celebrate the spectacular transformation this establishment has undergone over the past year, as the venue has expanded to host popular music performances. It features two floors of non-stop music and a roof decorated with large beer umbrellas, plenty of seating, and a cozy hammock for some R&R in between sets.

The Gateway has made its name over the past year for hosting grandiose themed events such as the New Year’s Glitter Bomb Ball and the Half-Xmas Shindig. Owner Ned Shatzer has brought in some heavy hitters from the NYC booking world, including Louisa Laz-Hirsch of Rockwood Music Hall, and Alex Beciana of MicroScene, who have undoubtedly curated a tasteful palette of acts for the one-year anniversary, and many more shows to come.

The one-year anniversary celebration will feature fourteen bands, including intermittent DJ sets by DJ EKOB, Makeout Club, SPRKLBB, and DJ Mortal, to keep the night fresh. Some bands to keep an eye out for include Bushwick’s own thrash-punk outfit Dad, Nelson Espinal’s Stuyedeyed, and many more O.G. Brooklyn bands such as Darkwing, Dead Sexy Sheila, and Funcrusher.

The Gateway is still a very fresh face in the raging sea of Brooklyn music venues, but don’t underestimate this newcomer. Plans for the near future include priming up the basement as another cool-off spot (like the roof), building a green room for bands on the mezzanine level, and many other surprises.

The flyer for the show. Illustration by Rob Fleming.

The doors will open at 4 p.m., followed by non-stop ruckus until 4 a.m. This is a 21+ event.

The full lineup of acts for the night includes: DJ sets by DJ Mortal, Makeout Club (DJ Granata), SPRKLBB, DJ EKOB. Band sets by GGGAMESSS, EU1OGY, Sun Voyager, Desert Sharks, Stuyedeyed, Toranavox, Holy Smokes, Tyler Jack Anderson, Andrew Connor, Dad, The Rizzos, Dead Sexy Sheila, Darkwing, & Funcrusher.

Featured Image: Palm Springsteen performs at The Gateway. Photo courtesy of The Gateway Facebook page.