NY in the 80s 7

A couple of weeks ago, Steve Siegel published a set of photographs on his Flickr. This unknown New York photographer went viral within minutes… No wonder. His Flickr album contains hundreds of photographs taken  in the streets of New York City in the 1980s. Steve captured the life of the city in an incredibly compelling way. Subways, kids in the streets of the Bronx, parks… We are bringing a selection of photographs starting with a photo of Bushwick on the top. This captivating photography testimony has been created by a man who says on his Flickr profile that he works as attorney and lives in Bergen County, NJ. He says that …photography for me is much more than the act of “taking pictures.” I use photography as a way of literally opening my eyes to the surrounding world… and that particular perspective carries over to even when I’m not photographing… 


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