A year and half of thoroughly deep research of the Bushwick art scene, which led us to:

1,600 art openings in Bushwick galleries, apartments, lofts, hallways attended…

4,800 opening beer cans emptied and squashed…

Tens of artists photographed and featured…

Hundreds of articles written…

Thousands of afterparties attended….

Basically, that’s what it took us here at Bushwick Daily to make a decision to start our very own gallery.

We lovingly named it BushwickGallery.com.

However, our aspirations weren’t to create just another regular Bushwick gallery; we were thrilled to create some alternative platform, something that hasn’t been explored yet… And since the Internet is our favorite kind of space, we decided to build a gallery online!

A gallery showing Bushwick art based on the Internet has many features that a physical gallery doesn’t, and we are eager to explore them.

An opening at an Internet gallery can allow so many more people to “attend” than an opening at a regular Bushwick space. On December 16, 2011 when we officially announced the launch of BushwickGallery.com, we had over 900 people from 10 countries come see some gorgeous Bushwick art, which is a number that can be hardly beat by even the most popular physical art space in Bushwick.  Another big advantage is that our exhibitions are accessible to anyone in the world at any time. Not only during weekends or by an appointment. While stone-and-mortar Bushwick galleries have to rely on the L train, we only rely on the Internet.

Naturally, there are a bunch of awesome things about physical galleries. Like openings! Openings are wonderful! You can come out talk to the artists, curators, gallerists, and have fun! That is some non-virtual fun, as it should be. We couldn’t give this up. There is only as much fun you can have behind the screen of your computer. And while BushwickGallery.com is still a concept in progress, we decided that there will be an opening for every show at a different Bushwick location, and for a one night only the art will also be visible offline. Our current show Fantastic Four came online as part of Bushwick Daily Holiday Party at Paper Swan Loft.

All the art in BushwickGallery.com is for sale.  We are very open about our policies, and it is not a secret that 60% of the price goes to the artist; 40% goes to support existence of BushwickGallery.com and Bushwick Daily. So by buying art at BushwickGallery.com, you’re not only becoming collector, but you’re also supporting our existence.

We are selling originals, and where practical we are also offering prints! The prices are very Bushwick, starting at $100 for an original and $20 for a print. C’mon, that’s like a dinner and a drink in Bushwick.  Additionally, the prints are beautifully made by Bushwick-based fine art digital printing studio, Rayographix.

Julie Torres, For Richard Pryor 1

Our first art show titled Fantastic Four presents four brilliant Bushwick artists whose names could be used as synonyms of the word “Bushwick”  by now. We have previously featured all four of them here at Bushwick Daily in the Tuesday People series. Fantastic Four consists of Nate Anspaugh who despite his lovely personality created some dark latex faces; abstract painter and Bushwick restless organizator of amazing art events, Julie Torres; UFO and duck obsessed paitner Eric Trosko;  and a cult figure of Brooklyn street art, Over Under!

Eric Trosko, Alien Seed Theory

Fantastic Four will end on January 31, 2012, so if your heart desires art of these awesome folks, don’t hesitate and get it, because after January 31, we won’t sell it anymore.

Over Under, Donostia, Pays Basque / San Sebastian, Spain

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And one more great news! Now we’re giving away a print according to your own choice to 3 lucky Bushwick Daily readers who:

– Like Bushwick Gallery on Facebook , and/or

– Follow Bushwick Gallery on Twitter,

– and leave a message/tweet on Bushwick Gallery’s wall, which art piece would the best fit your bedroom and why!

On January 30, we will select 3 best answers, and a print is all yours!

Nate Anspaugh, Life and Death Mask