Nobody wants to be the camper who didn’t get smooched by their summer crush in a barn, or posted up near the cafeteria entrance.  And, I’m sure we can all agree that nobody wants to be the one who didn’t yell to their pals and counselors that they were about to be hit by a renegade piece of sky lab, possibly debilitating our precious Camp Firewood. To deflect all aforementioned uncool possibilities, and on behalf of their Open Mic Series Brooklyn Renaissance, paid tribute to the undefeatable, the illustrious, the movie we will quote until our dying breaths, Wet Hot American Summer, allowing us all to be known as Camp Firewood’s diehard campers.

This past Tuesday, at Bushwick’s X Marks The Lot, every event goer, or, camper, was given a bunk assignment at the door before they were indubitably took straight back to the ninety-seven minute cult classic. Event organizer Michelle Joni and her sister Tilly had some screen time in WHAS in ’01 and since they weren’t invited back for the Prequel, they decided to throw a kickass party to remedy all potential ill will feelings.

To a time where barbecue sauce had two purposes: luring your soulmate and putting it on stuff! Where you could do arts and crafts with your buddy/lover, or, as the timeless Alan Shemper, played by Zach Garner, called it “Arts and Farts and Crafts:” HE’S HILARIOUS. When you and Cure Girl, played by Elena Tiger Lile Simon, made a rocket together using alka seltzer tablets, paper, and tiny plastic tubes. We all ran out of breath with heavy hearts towards our own Abby Bernsteins that night. It was known as Wet Hot Brooklyn Summer, and when checking out on August 5th, 2015, at 12:01 AM, you may have had yourself a little cry. But on August 4th from 5:57 PM to 12:00 AM you celebrated what remained of your already groovy summer with friends: old and new!

There was lube, s’mores and burgs, trivia, free Finch Pale Wheat Ale, ice cream sundaes, sweaters to fondle, and that’s just the tip of the banana. The event’s official volunteers, AKA Stick Team, kept everybody wildly entertained with their immersive theatre. I said Stick Team. At dusk, our favorite movie was projected on a wall. At the end of the night, we all gathered around to watch the talent show, hosted by the previously mentioned firecracker, Alan Shemper.

RockCanRoll food drive asked attendees for nonperishable food item donations, a hunger relief non-profit, who’s motto is to “Help Out While You ROCK OUT!”

Campers also had the opportunity to get all moussed up by Katie, played by Molly Rose, who was offering free mousse focused makeovers all night long, which also came with a couple layers of pink lipstick and the promise of enhanced attractiveness.

Speaking of enhanced attractiveness…

For those of you like steamy gossip, I totally asked why Aaron, played by Max Mueller, like liked Gail, played by Sarah Louise Raillard, and also totally asked Gail why she like liked Aaron. This is pertinent information.

Aaron’s reason: “She stood up to Ron.”

Gail’s reason: “He’s willing to transcend the boundaries that his masculinity requires of him.”

Okay, now that I shared that tear jerking mystery, I think it’s time to cherish the memories we all had on Tuesday by having ourself a good little cry until the next immersive theatrical evening inevitably happens!

There were so many rockin’ moments of camp that the only way we can remember them is to recall the list of reasons we’ll give all our friends who didn’t go to camp about why we had a better summer than they did, as depicted in photos by the talented Angela Altus.

Host Michelle Joni as Keisha Stat the Girl from Millburn, New Jersey

Bunk mate love

Arty “The Beekeeper” Solomon given a much needed shower from Mckinley

Arts and Farts and Crafts wouldn’t be the same without BARBEQUE SAUCE all over Lindsay’s face and little Aaron

Intermittent movie trivia hosted by Gail the lovestruck art teacher.  Photo shows camp director Beth giving away prizes! Sidenote: I won the brown crayon. There were literally hundreds of markers.

Gene’s ability to hold down the food wouldn’t be the same without his elusive Can of Vegetables

The 20 sided die is at the cornerstone of every bunk 3’s mantra

Exclusive Finch Beer WHICH WAS FREE

Tuesday was so earthshakingly awesome that this volcano went off!

Jessica Lapidos, widely known as Tilly, held a sign for us audience members during the talent show, mimicking her experience as an extra in WHAS. The rest of the photos will be of the night’s long awaited talent show.

Michelle Joni throwing down in a reprise of her claim to fame “Friends Friends Friends” moment in WHAS here with her actual totally awesome Friends Friends Friends!

X Marks The Lot is an outdoor venue in Bushwick, a hop and skip from the Morgan L train.