Get ready for a star-spangled weekend with American pride, red and white stripes, blue stars and what else– Bushwick art of course! It’s hot out here and that doesn’t refer to weather. Gotham Magazine just wrote about “How Bushwick Became the Leader of NYC’s Arts Scene” so it turns out your favorite galleries are also the hottest galleries around town. And these spaces don’t close up shop on holiday weekends. Grill some organic franks, show your patriotism and have the perfect blast this week at these Bushwick galleries:

#1 “Fast/Quiet Loud/Slow” @ The Dress Shop (THURS. 6-9 pm)

322 Troutman Street

Thursday holds the opening reception of “Fast/Quiet Slow/Loud” at The Dress Shop. Referencing the Jim Dine quote “Drawing is not necessarily about drawing. It is about making the best kind of image,” the works of Gary Cullen, Cody Hughes and David Pappaceno explore what drawing can be and how it can be manipulated. See how Cullen mixes media to create vibrant and exciting explosions of color and energy; Hughes’ works evoke notions of mechanical plans, constellations and kinetic potential, and Pappaceno will show you that casual and playful feel.

#2 “Made in USA / Some Parts Imported” @ TSA New York (FRI 6-9 pm)

1329 Willoughby Avenue

“Made in USA / Some Parts Imported” opens Friday, July 3rd (Image courtesy of TSA New York)

Using the Country of Origin label as their metaphorical starting point, the group of artists in “Made in USA/Some Parts Imported” are brought together by their shared status of working in the U.S. and having been born or grew up elsewhere. Curated by Naomi Reis with Heidi Lau, the show features the work of Nicole Awai, Jenny Cho, Ignacio González-Lang, Christopher K. Ho, Daisuke Kiyomiya, Heidi Lau, Esperanza Mayobre, Mónica Palma Narváez, Armita Raafat and Arthur Simms. Distilling disparate cultural influences in the objecthood of the work itself, these artists combine their geographies into a singular entity: “the eye of a storm around which swirl questions of identity, formalism, and beauty.”

#3 Closing reception for “Spooky Laughter at a Distance” @ Transmitter (FRI 6-9 pm)

1329 Willoughby Avenue

“Spooky Laughter at a Distance” closes Friday, July 3rd (image courtesy of Transmitter)

Spooky Laughter at a Distance” opened May 22nd with painting, sculpture and photography by Todd Kelly, Ben Pedersen and Jennifer Grimyser. The work wasn’t all too spooky in the literal sense, but the underlying rhythm and rhyme had a pardoxical ring to it. Quantum comedy, hanging mobiles and photographic entanglements provided a gravitational weight to this show inside Transmitter, which closes on Friday, July 3rd. Stop by before or after the new show inside TSA!

#4 “Fields Like Waves” @ Songs for Presidents (FRI 7-10 pm)

1673 Gates Avenue, Ridgewood

Songs for Presidents_Fields Like Waves_art opening

Songs for Presidents begins their summer curatorial program with performances, video art, mixed media and special events through August, with a new show opening every two weeks.  First up is “Fields Like Waves” opening Friday, July 3rd with works by Michelle Huynh Chu, Antonia Kuo and Nancy Hubbard. From painting, drawing, photogravure and video, “Fields Like Waves” captures the multiple performative dimensions of translating fluid reality into images. “In Elapsentia” a 16mm film collaboration between Josh Lewis and Simon Liu will be presented alongside this exhibition.