Photo: Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily

I hope you all got enough sleep, because today is the day when the craziness called Bushwick Open Studios starts. The entire Bushwick has been working their ass off to showcase the best of what they have in store, which means endless rehearsals, hours of art hanging, clean up of their studios so that they can actually invite public in, thousands of social media messages and press releases. So just roll with it. The upcoming three days have the potential to be the best weekend of your life.

#4 JMZ

JMZ district feels and tastes different than districts along the L train providing a valuable alternative to overcrowded Morgantown and Jefftown. Elevated JMZ train stations Central and Myrtle-Broadway should be your starting point in the exploration of the plentitude of artist studios located in beautiful mansions.

1 Brooklyn Collage Collective

37 Troutman St


If you’re like us a sucker for collage, you won’t miss the group show organized by BCC’s founders Morgan Jesse Lappin and Lizzie Gill whose collective has been growing for the past three years.

2. Hermetic Portraits

Tarot Society Gallery and Reading Room, 4 Charles Pl


Photographers Dallas Athent (Bushwick Daily’s own!) and Gianna Leo Falcon explore the finding of the self through imagery and portraits. Falcon juxtaposes photographs of herself with portraits of a prominent witchcraft leader, while Athent paints runes and personal thoughts on canvas, then photographs them into warped self-portraits.

Photo by Gianna Leo Falcon

3. BYO-Art

The Living Gallery, 1094 Broadway Ave


This year’s BOS presents… YOU. Anyone can bring a piece of art to be hung throughout the entire weekend, on a first-come, first-serve basis, with a $10 suggested donation. While this will certainly be a showcase of hidden talents, for enjoyment’s sake, we’re secretly hoping for a few what-in-the-world? pieces in there too. It just wouldn’t be Bushwick without ‘em.

4. Auto-Chemistry

The Hollows Artspace, 708 Bushwick Ave #2


An exhibition of movement that utilizes various media forms and performance to explore self-propelled perceptual zones and differentiated appreciations of the body as integral to the chemical existence.

5. Somebody I Use to Know

Elizabeth G. Devlin Art Studio, 60-62 Putnam Ave #1


In a visual realization of the Dadaist technique of creating a poem or other literary piece by taking cut up pieces of a larger text and recombining them by chance, artist Elizabeth G. Devlin paints life-sized, seated figures in skewed perspective.

6. Coming Home

Bushwick Community Darkroom, 110 Troutman St

FRI 12-7PM, SAT-SUN 12-5PM

Bushwick Community Darkroom celebrates its move to Troutman Street and its four year anniversary with a member exhibit, including works by darkroom founder Lucia Rollow; Scott Nyerges, Sam Margevicious, Caleb Savage, Genevieve Snow, and more.

7. Neocraftism

The Parlour Bushwick, 791 Bushwick Ave


An all female exhibition showcases artists working with traditional craft media such as ceramics, yarn, clay or wood in current and contemporary ways.

8. Shwick Open Studios

Shwick, 6 Charles Pl


Everyone’s favorite market and a community space has put together a show of 10 Bushwick artists. Expect music, drinks, and good vibes all weekend.


796 Broadway #2


The building off Flushing JMZ is a home/work space to a number of interesting artists. Explore their secrets in a slightly spooky mansion.

10. “Purgatory & Paradise: SASSY ’70s Suburbia & The City” Book Launch & Exhibit

Bizarre, 12 Jefferson St

FRI 7PM- late, SAT 12AM-late, SUN 12-11PM

Bushwick’s legend of a photographer, Meryl Meisler, who used to be an art teacher in the neighborhood in the 1980s and 1990s, is launching her second photography book. Read an interview with this fabulous lady in this magazine, and go shake her hand to Bizarre’s gallery, Black Box.