Tribeca Film Published a Short Film About The Bushwick Collective

Just in time for this Saturday’s Bushwick Collective Block Party, published a short documentary about the founder and curator of The Bushwick Collective, Joe Ficalora.

In Bred in Brooklyn Joe talks about growing up in Bushwick, having have to deal with his father’s murder on the corner of Starr St and Wyckoff Ave when he was an eighth grader, and eventually losing his mom to a disease as well. In a moving story, he reveals why and how he invited the street artists to the neighborhood to paint.

The film was created by an all-female team of Maracuya Productions and premiered on Tribeca Film website, which serves as a platform for filmmakers and storytellers to share their stories. “We are actively seeking out stories about NYC and want to be a digital space for creators and community members to engage and consider how art, culture, and film affects the world and city we live in,” explained Amanda Martinez, who is the managing editor and the producer of Bred in Brooklyn.

“The crew was 5 all female producers who currently live in Brooklyn. I happened to be one of the producers and live in Bushwick,” continued Amanda. “We have a really strong network of female media producers and we are always talking about work. Last summer we felt a need to spend more time actually creating.  Our day jobs sometimes don’t allow for producing our own work or telling success stories and we wanted a project that we could collaborate on.  We have background in community storytelling, documentary, and human rights media.”

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