“Star! Star! Circle! Circle!” opens Friday at Wayfarers

As time would have it, Bushwick Open Studios 2015 is NEXT weekend and there will be more than enough to see as our neighborhood transforms into the ultimate art mecca of NYC. While you’re planning out your BOS wish list, add six new shows to THIS weekend’s to-do list, and catch all of them if you can!

#1 “REACTIVATOR” @ The Active Space (THURS 7-10 pm)

566 Johnson Avenue

“REACTIVATOR” opens Thursday at The Active Space (image courtesy of The Active Space)

Past and current studio residents of The Active Space are here for a group survey in “REACTIVATOR.” There will be works that envelope the entire 1,600 square foot space, plus collaborative pieces and shy scales that will require a close eye for hidden detail. As previous and current residents Ben Prichard, Theresa Daddezio, Sebastian Vallejo, Matt Miller, Joe Bochynski and Ashley Zelinskie tested the architectural limits expanding beyond their studio walls, other artists explored intimate spacial relationships between each other and the Bushwick landscape – all culminating in Thursday night’s “REACTIVATOR.”

“REACTIVATOR” is on view through June 14, 2015.


#2 “Star! Star! Circle! Circle!” @ Wayfarers (FRI 7-10 pm)

1109 Dekalb Avenue

Wayfarers_Star! Star! Circle! Circle!_Art Opening_2

In an immersive, synchronized sound play, “Star!Star!Star!Circle!” introduces George Ferrandi’s latest work related to axial precession. Influenced by the fact that the North Star – though it is a fixed point in the night sky – changes over the course of several thousands of years (and will be replaced as time goes on) Ferrandi’s sculpture and drawings serve to ritualize its phenomenon.

“Star! Star! Circle! Circle!” is on view through June 21, 2015. Performances take place after dark on June 12, 13 and 14. Participation in the performance requires advance registration.

#3 Kevin Reuning “source material” @ Microscope Gallery (FRI 6-9 pm)

1329 Willoughby Avenue

MicroscopeGallery_source material_Scenic-Vistas

See half of a digital self portrait in Microscope Gallery’s “source material,” the first solo exhibition of works by Bushwick-based artist Kevin Reuning. “source material” will feature one-half of Reuning’s self-portrait projected on a vinyl banner while the other half can be found online on the artist’s website. Other 3D animations, paintings, digital prints, videos and sculptures will be on display to offer a sensory immersive experience on identity, authorship and online sharing.

“source material” runs through July 5, 2015.


#4 “some false moves” @ Present Company (FRI 7-10 pm)

254 Johnson Avenue

“some false moves” opens Friday (image courtesy of Present Company)

Present Company, a Brooklyn-based exhibition, performance and social space presents “some false moves,” a group exhibition for which the artists were asked to respond or choose affinities to the exhibition’s title with new or recent works.

“some false moves” runs through June 29, 2015.


#5 Maria Calandra “New Drawings” @ Sardine (FRI 6-9 pm)

286 Stanhope Street

Maria Calandra “New Drawings” opens Friday (image courtesy of Sardine)

New Drawings” by Maria Calandra presents graphite drawings of private and public art collections from the artist’s direct observation in homes and museums. Calandra’s previous show with Sardine–”Pencil In the Studio”– depicted her immediate environs, while “New Drawings” follows her work where it often ends up living: in homes and museums. From the Rothko room at the Met, or a collection of works hung salon style in a home, poignant notes of admiration show through in Calandra’s intimate works.

“New Drawings” by Maria Calandra is on view through June 28, 2015.

#6 “Vernacular” @ Theodore:Art (SUN 3-6 pm)

56 Bogart Street

“Vernacular” opens Sunday (image courtesy of Theodore:Art)

Theodore:Art’s “Vernacular” features works composed of simple shapes where complex yet subtle 2D creations emerge, exhibited by Sharon Butler, Eric Brown, Andrew Seto and Joyce Robins (who we previously saw in “Paint and Clay” back in May 2014).

“Vernacular” runs through July 12, 2015.