Bushwick is in full bloom this weekend with new shows at Schema Projects, 99 Cent Plus Gallery, Songs for Presidents, Amos Eno Gallery, Friday Studio Gallery and OUTLET. Plus, one killer closing reception at Art Helix featuring a performance by Wil Farr.

#1 Paper Jam @ Schema Projects (Fri 6-9 pm)

92 Saint Nicholas Ave.

David Pierce “Militarization of Police #1” at Schema Projects (Image courtesy of Schema)

This weekend Schema Projects presents “Paper Jam,” an exhibit curated by Larry Walczak of Eyewash. “Paper Jam” features twelve artists who were asked to create with a social or political topic in mind, specifically one that had personal meaning. The result, a harmonious collection unlike any other social conscious art show.

#2 “Propostition for an on Demand Clandestine Communitcations Network” @ 99 Cent Plus Gallery (Sat. 4-10 pm)

238 Wilson Ave.

“Proposition for an On Demand Clandestine Communication Network” (Image courtesy of 99 Cent Plus Gallery)

Photographer Curtis Wallen explores anonymity or lack there of in the some cases, by exploring failed missions of the CIA. He shares his findings in “Propostition for an on Demand Clandestine Communications Network” and offers viewers a glimpse inside the world of self-destructive phones and untraceable existences. Wallen also provides gallery goers a how-to guide to living under the radar in a cell phone obsessed world.

#3 Shanna Maurizi, “Dark Space” @ Songs for Presidents (Sat. 7-10 pm)

1673 Gates Ave.

“Dark Spaces” by Shanna Maurizi (Image courtesy of Songs for Presidents)

Dark Space” is the latest collection from Brooklyn-based artist and experimental filmmaker, Shanna Maurizi. In her third solo show in NYC, Maurizi brings awareness to the space between the present moment and the recorded moment. Inspired by her travels to a vast water cave in the Slovenian forest, Maurizi questions her own perception by extracting the layers and building them back up again.

#4 Tulu Bayar, “20’s Something”  @ Amos Eno Gallery (Fri. 6-8 pm)

1087 Flushing Ave. Suite 120 inside The Loom

“20’s Something” (image courtesy of Amos Eno Gallery)

In “20’s Something” artist Tulu Bayar collaborates with American millennials to unveil the intricacies of transformation during the 21st century. Bayar uses film that mimics a documentary but has an original style all her own. The exhibition will feature 12 large scale archival pigment prints on silk that are sure to provoke questions of your own self discovery in the 21st century.

#5 Faceless: Figuring Immediacy + New Nudes @ OUTLET (Sat. 7-10 pm)

253 Wilson Ave.

“Bodybuilding Ladies” by Julie Tuyet Curtiss (Image courtesy of OUTLET)

It’s two-for-one night at OUTLET this Saturday, with one opening reception for two awesome exhibits, “Faceless: Figuring Immediacy” and “New Nudes.” While “Faceless” focuses on almost literal body movements and the emotions that are connected to them, featuring works by Julie Tuyet Curtiss, Jen Hitchings, and Gili Levy, Dan Flanagan’s “New Nudes” showcases a humorous elegance of the sometimes awkward body movements we find ourselves in.

#6 “The Pagans” @ Friday Studio Gallery (Fri. 6-8)

56 Bogart St.

Image courtesy of Friday Studio Gallery

Friday Studio Gallery hosts “The Pagans,” a revealing exhibition from Brooklyn-based artists Beata Chrzanowska, Marina Ross and Kelsey Shwetz. This talented trio come face to face with one another resulting in nine portraits that display the raw emotions that surface with confrontation.

#7 Closing Reception: “Machina” + Musical Performance by Wil Farr @ Art Helix (Fri 7-10 pm)

299 Meserole St.

“Machina” by David Packer (Image courtesy of ArtHelix)

David Packer’s “Machina” exhibition will be closing in style this Friday with a performance by Wil Farr.  The exhibition, which has had a month long run at Art Helix focused on the changes in the raw materials we use and the reasons we use them.