I hope your weekend was at the very least pretty amazing. And I bet it was, if you, like me didn’t resist the temptation to check out all the festivities going on in Williamsburg and Greenpoint under the umbrella of

Northside Festival


Nothside Open Studios


The following are photos taken on Saturday afternoon in Mccarren Park where The Babies, Surfer Blood, Wavves, and Guided by Voices played. The atmosphere was really chilled, the people were having fun, drinking beer, listening to the bands, and the coolest kids around were naturally kids from Bushwick.

Oh, and Courtney Love made an appearance during the Wavves’ performance. I could have taken a photo of her, if I paid more attention to strangers talking to me and were not deaf. Like that girl who approached me and yelled into my ear: “Look Courtney Love!! Take a picture!” And my deaf self goes like: “What do you mean by love? How can I take a picture of love?” The girl just rolls her eyes and Courtney is gone… In any case, I don’t have a photo of Courtney, but I have a whole bunch of awesome photos of people who came to the concert, and had the best time. Check out the our slideshow, maybe you’re in it….

PS: Who wants to organize a music festival in Maria Hernandez Park soon?