Relive 25 Best Moments of BOS 2014!

#1-17 by Maria Gotay; #18-25 by Katarina Hybenova

Bushwick Daily editors Maria and Katarina have combined their most treasured moments of this year’s Bushwick Open Studios in a gorgeous photo essay! Relive them with us!

#1 NO BS BOS Guides lined up in Cheap Storage and all over the neighborhood

Get ’em while they’re hot! Our BOS cheat-sheet guides went fast all over the neighborhood.

#2 Trippy Mask at 17-17 Troutman Studio

One lucky visitor got to try on this lightweight, 3D printed, 2-way mirrored dog mask, then he proclaimed that he very much would like to try the mask on LSD. Seriously.

#3 Celebrating BOS at the No BS BOS Launch Party at Brooklyn Brush Studios

Editor in Chief Katarina (right) and deputy Maria (left) shared a free-wine-fueled moment at Brush Studios during the official launch party.

#4 Bushwick Daily Brewista Erin Wicks Gets Down:

Erin dancing with friends at the NO BS BOS Launch party. We want what she was drinking.


#4 Slonk Donkerson Performing at Pinebox Rock Shop

Friday night featured a free show from The Nuclears, Slonk Donkerson and Honduras at Pinebox. It rocked (literally)!

#5 Hippy Performed at a House Party

A raging house show on Evergreen Ave featured The Lemons and our personal faves, Hippy, who had the crowd dancing to their jangly songs.

#6 Javelin Play for Free in Ten Eyck Playground

Javelin took the whole park to funkytown at a free benefit for Ten Eyck Playground on Saturday afternoon’s free block party, which also featured the music of Slavic Soul Party and Los Hancheros.

#7 Murals Went Live on Waterbury Street

#9 Castle Of Pills at Understanding Media, The Extension Of The Human Being At 319 Scholes Street.

#10 Bridging Bushwick at 195 Morgan (the Old 3rd Ward Space)

We caught an impromptu rap performance and speech from some Bushwick youths at the Bridging Bushwick panel. They had the whole crowd singing along to their catchy jingle “we’re so Brooklyn” while also confronting serious issues surrounding gentrification in the neighborhood.

#11 Shadow Monsters interactive video installation at 195 Morgan

#12 Crowds at Slideluck Bushwick

The crowd was massive and full of good vibes at the Slideluck Bushwick and Bushwick Daily party on Saturday night at sandbox studios. We awarded winners from our #BOShunt scavenger hunt contest then watched a slideshow of both Brooklyn and Baltimore artists.

#13 The Blue Byrds Party Bus in Industrial Bushwick

The Blue Byrds, a burning man party crew, parked two busses side by side in an industrial zone for an all-night dance party which included a DJ spinning atop the bus!

#14 Fletcher C Johnson rockin’ The Bushwick Collective Block Party

The caption says it all- the garage-rock band Fletcher C Johnson took the stage on Sunny Sunday’s Block Party.

#15 Beautiful Stilted Ladies turn it up at The Block Party

#15 Bushwick Nightz Reading

Dallas Athent, of Bushwick Daily fame, hosted a reading of our own Bushwick Nightz book of short stories. Four authors read their short stories to an enthusiastic crowd Sunday at The Active Space.


#16 King Noodle’s Ma Po Chili Cheese Fries

Best snack for fuel during BOS. Period.

#17 Infamous black metal band Liturgy played a secret surprise show Sunday at midnight at Silent barn.

#18 Julia Sinelnikova’s studio at 195 Morgan

Just turn off the lights and start dreaming and wishing there was a huge room full of these.

#19 Amazing curation with love and friendship at Do It Yourself show at 195 Morgan

Artist and curator Julie Torres curated 1o curators from across the country who then curated their own shows presenting their favorite Bushwick artists. Here you’re looking at Peter Shear who curated works of Ellen Siebers, on the left.

#20 Dr Lisa awarded everyone for what they wished to be recognized for.

#21 Real on Rock Street made us wish there was a lot more art on Bushwick streets. Always.

Amazing artist studios at Vacancy (929 Broadway), The Hotel (796 Broadway) and elsewhere!

#23 Ryan Ford started to make flying kittens paintings

And everybody is crazy for them, us included.

#24 Sexy paintings by Nathan Ritterpusch at Johnson Ave

#25 Finding messages to God in various languages at The Hotel on 796 Broadway

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