Bushwick Daily is happy to introduce an iPhone photographer Prince Franco and a selection of 4 photographs from his ongoing series

Reflections of My Eye

. Multiple layers of his Reflection photos unravel objects and feelings captured consciously and subconsciously as well. Prince takes these mainly on his train rides using his iPhone, which gives him a discrete profile as opposed to a DSLR camera. Prince says that he can’t afford a DSLR camera, nor he wants one and is fully determined to explore the limits of an iPhone.

Prince Franco was born in the largest housing projects in North America, in Queensbridge, Long Island City and at the age of 18 was arrested for an assault with a deadly weapon. That’s when he realized he doesn’t want to become just another minority guy in the NYC jail system and wants to create art. He studied fashion design and realized the power of capturing an image when his best friend introduced him to the famous polaroids taken by one of the most influential personalities of the time, Maripol.