This Sunday: Brooklyn Will Pick Their Best Raw Artists

DRAFT – RAWards press release

One way to help emerging artists to get the exposure and resources they need is to throw them a big festive showcase and an awards show. RAW: natural born artists is a global community of artists created for artists. They pick national winners in several categories from photography to performing arts through a multilevel competition. This Sunday, Brooklyn will have its own fancy semifinals at Output Club, where the jury will pick one artist in each field to will represent Brooklyn in the national finale. And as we all know Brooklyn is a pretty strong artistic town, so you better believe that there will be a lot to choose from!

In case you’re curious about how the whole selection process of the RAWardees works, check out this video and, most importantly, come support your borough this Sunday, November 24, 6-10PM at Output! So how does all this sound? Way better than a fraudulent Nigerian collector, you say?  Yeah, that’s what we thought…

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