Those who could made sure to escape the city for one last moment of summer vacation before Labour Day put an end to summer leisure and white garments. For those of you who opted to stay in the city this weekend, I have some great news. There is plenty of good art and culture happening! You definitely won’t be bored if you follow our Bushwick Weekend Guide!

#1 City Limits @ Fuchs Project (FRI 7-10PM, free)

We love this one! Six artists threw darts at New York City subway map. Then they traveled to the end of whichever line their dart hit and made art based on what they found there. An exciting concept that makes me think we should all do this all the time! Come check out the results of their arty adventures tonight at Fuchs Projects!

#2 3rdeye(sol)ation presents: VERBAL EXCHANGE TOUR of 5Pointz’ Local Project (FRI 7PM, $5)

Image: via FB event

And so the New York City story goes. Amazing street art site 5Pointz in Long Island City will soon be no more. The entire complex of over 10 years of street art will be torn down to make space for two condo buildings. Tonight you can celebrate the famous site with poets and rappers at Local Project, a gallery located within 5Pointz. The event will support Local Project’s Indiegogo campaign to relocate.

#3 None of These Boys Are Even Sad @ Mellow Pages (FRI 7:30PM)

Our beloved library Mellow Pages is hosting a boy reading tonight. Jordan DeBor, Oscar Bruno d’Artois, Johnny Bryan, Matt Nelson, Jacob Perkins, and Jonasin Cougar Mellencamp will read their work. Be there!

#4 MorDance performs @ Dance Socrates (SAT 3PM, free)

MorDance in rehearsal (photo: courtesy of MorDance)

Another reason to visit LIC this weekend. MorDance will perform outdoors at Socrates Sculpture Park as part of Norte Maar’s performance series called Dance at Socrates.

#5 Ridgewood Market @ Greater Ridgewood Youth Council (SAT-SUN 11AM-5PM, free)

Artisanal Ridgewood Market has been doing better than ever. Go check out their new market venue and get yourself something pretty from a number of local artists and crafters.