Pancho Westendarp on view at Robert Henry Contemporary (image by courtesy of Robert Henry Contemporary)

Still reeling from the craziness that was Bushwick Open Studios, our community has settled down (slightly). After being relatively quiet last weekend, the Bushwick art community is back in full force, with several must-see shows coming to a gallery near you. If anything, BOS showed us that the art scene in our backyard has a great deal to offer, not just with studios, but with galleries featuring a plethora of thought-provoking, world-class art. This weekend should continue the trend of proving what we may already know – Bushwick is not just a place to visit once a year, but a thriving community that is open all year around!

1. The Indifference of Wisdom @ NURTUREart (FRI 7-9PM)

For all of those who cross the street when the light is red or steal a Snickers from the deli down the street, this is the show for you. NURTUREart’s upcoming group show, part of their Project Curate initiative, hones in on our innate instinct towards transgression. True to its theme works chosen for this show deal with the taboo, the unorthodox or the un-condoned. Project Curate offers a unique opportunity for high school students to engage with contemporary art on an intellectual level let by OUTLET Fine Art’s Julian A. Jimarez Howard.

2. Breathe In, Breathe In: Arielle Falk @ Auxiliary Projects (FRI 7-9PM)

Arielle Falk’s art seeks to question our current late capitalistic ideals as it relates from creature comfort to our fabricated online identities. While her work is very much based in the materialistic nature of our everyday consumer lives, Falk’s pieces in this show offer the promise of an easier life, but in actuality fall short of this promise and turn out to be empty and useless. Like the cooling fan that promises respite from the hot Bushwick summer but has no blades, Falk’s works will cause us to pause and hopefully rethink the accustomed comforts of our daily lives and the purpose they really serve.

Arielle Falk at Auxiliary Projects (image by courtesy of Auxiliary Projects)

3. 6<<<>>>6 @Interstate Projects (FRI 6-10PM)

This Friday presents the first of a series of summer curatorial projects taking place at Interstate Projects. Each of the curators invited to participate has the opportunity to utilize one section of the gallery space to fulfill his or her curatorial goal. This first iteration of the series features curators Kevin Ruben Jacobs, Rachel Steinberg, and Cleopatra’s. The series will continue throughout the summer, featuring numerous artists and curators.

4. Northside Art @ Williamsburg Walks (SAT 3-8PM)

Venture over to neighboring Williamsburg this week to take part in this unique guided tour of the art in Williamsburg. Highlighting the work of numerous artists in the neighborhood, this weekend should be the perfect opportunity to experience and engage with the art of this area. Take this opportunity to reimagine the Williamsburg neighborhood with all its hidden mysteries and splendor!

5. Times Times Three @ Robert Henry Contemporary (THUR 6-9PM)

Robert Henry’s most recent endeavor will showcase the art of three artists, Pancho Westendarp, Victoria Burge and Tom Kotik, all of whom explore aspects of time and space in their art. The three artists tackle an entirely different facet of the relation of time and space – from music and sound, to cartography, to memory. Starting with this broad and seemingly endless topic, each artist’s work is developed in a succinct way, isolating and therefore incapsulating a section of this concept to be more deeply investigated.