Bushwick Daily High: Superlatives of #NOBSBOS

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We all remember the joy (and sometimes dread) that came with high school yearbook superlatives.  Luckily for us, we have graduated from the cliched references, such as “best hair” and “most likely to succeed,” and moved on something a little more… Bushwick. Find the identifier that best fits you, your mood, and your own artistic sensibilities.

Best Place to Meet your New Best Friend: 56 Bogart Building, 56 Bogart Street (SAT-SUN 12-7PM) Get your fill of studios and galleries alike!

Best Introduction to the Neighborhood: Wild At Hart, 950 Hart St. #306 (SAT 12-7PM, event from 4-5PM) Meet other newbies at this group show produced by recent art transplants from San Francisco.

Best place for lit-lovers: Mellow Pages Library, 56 Bogart St #1S (FRI-SUN 11AM-10PM) Grab a beer, grab a book, and mellow out.

House of ChoCLeT (courtesy of artsinbushwick.org)

Place most likely to go broke after BOS: House of ChoCLeT, 42 Bushwick Pl. Ground floor (FRI 6-7PM, SAT-SUN 12-7PM) Bring your own t-shirt and get it silkscreened for free.

Hottest spot to meet foreigners: Parallel Art Space, 1717 Troutman St. #220 (FRI 6-10PM, SAT-SUN 12-7PM) 19 international artists to exhibit their favorite Bushwick artists.

Most impressive collection of Chotchkies: Art Hoarders: The House 157 Pleasures, 157 Manhattan Ave. #1F (FRI 5-9PM, SAT-SUN 12-7PM) Survey the immense collection of art that the residence have made and hoarded: a project twenty years in the making!

The NUDE Weekend @ Brooklyn Wildlife (courtesy of artsinbushwick.org)

Best event where clothing is optional: Brooklyn Wildlife: The Wildlife Nude Weekend, 248 McKibbin St. Unit M (FRI 2-7PM, SAT 1-6PM, SUN 2-7PM) An exploration of the human form- in all its sexual, beautiful and visceral glory.

Best collaborative studio environment: The Hotel, 796 Broadway 2nd & 3rd Floors (SAT-SUN 12-7PM) A multi-layered funhouse full of studios and surprises around every corner.

Tone Conners, 2012

Best place to get horny! (antlers, that is): Tone Connors @ Castlebraid, 114 Troutman St, Ground Floor (SAT-SUN: 12-7PM) …need we say more?

Best rooftop party: Andrew Martin, Billy Stewart: New Work Debut, 257 Varet St. #405 (Party: SAT 7PM-2AM; Installation: SAT-SUN 12-7PM) Conceptual lighting and Multiple exposure illustrations. Rooftop Party on Saturday night, 7PM-2PM. Everyone Gets Laid!

The grdn Party (photo courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/events/151276801718303/)

Best Drag Show: Morgan Avenue Underground, 55 Morgan Ave (SAT 1-7PM, Performance: 9PM-12AM) Features a melange of drag and burlesque dancers to supplement their all woman exhibition.

 Most Worth-the-Treck Space: Brand Hunters 1083 Broadway, Ground Floor, Pre-Loved Goods: A group exhibition where artists pay homage to their favorite album covers.

Best Remake of a Classic Children’s Story: Peter Pan @ The House of Yes 342 Maujer St (FRI-SUN 8PM, $25-30) Anya Sapozhnikova retells the well-known tale in an updated, twisted, and unprecedented way that, naturally, is set in Brooklyn.

Best Place to Get Your Poetry Fix: The AD Reading Series @ The Ranch, 14 Bushwick Ave. #3 (SAT 6:30-11PM) The perfect blend of poetry, prose, and mixed media, featuring performances by local poets, artists, and musicians.


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