NYCxDesign BOS-2013

Another killer art week in Bushwick May 4th – 13th!  In case you missed any of it here is your Weekly Digest from Arts in Bushwick Blog  to keep you current!

1. Meet director Shaun Jefford of Being Punk, a new documentary that will screen during BOS on June 1 at One More Song.

2. Overwhelmed with all the studios to visit during BOS?  Bushwick Art Crit Group announced it next intellectual vernissage which will happen this Wednesday May 15th!  Make sure to attend to get a 3 minute preview of some participating artists showing during BOS and decide who, when and where to go.

3. Find out what links Rosaire Appel and Carmon Colangelo together for their collaboration at Schema Projects.

4. Art is Music, by Sarah H Reynolds.  Last week Artist Adam Distenfeld connects us to Akhnhten’ by Philip Glass and talks about his sculptures made from recovered natural rocks from construction sites in NYC.

5. If you like a good organic mess check out Resurrection at The Active Space gallery.

6. Check out ‘form follow/ Un-Familarizes’, an exhibition of Benjamin Jay Shand’s photography at PIPS in Williamsburg till 5.26.13.

7. Listen/download AiB Radio’s third episode which features gallery visits, and interviews with artists.  Riveting discussions on art made of sugar, rodents, penises, eternity stew, and Bushwick in the 70’s and more.

8. Mark you calendar here and get informed about all of Bushwick’s Open Studios parties, collaborations, twitter handles important dates, and more.