(Image courtesy of Transfer Gallery)

This Saturday’s birth in the art world of Bushwick came by the name of Transfer Gallery opening Alexandra Gorczynski’s debut solo show. The show called Truisms reflects Alexandra’s reflections on the baby making that is happening today between art and technology. Her work brings the two worlds together by applying the raw sensibility of the physical world into the photoshopped digital world. With every piece of work we witnessed this juxtaposition, the same way we witness our dual selves every day we switch back and forth from Facebook to real life.

Alexandra, as a new media folk artist has been exploring  her own personal digital tales. By painting the Aurora desktop image on the wall of the gallery, she brought her own warmth to that digital environment that we live in everyday. As one member of the audience observed, this desktop image is for a lot of people today’s industrial environment. With three paintings based on complimentary colors she brought about the paradox of Wacom being a painting tool but nobody actually painting with or on it. Works with titles like “Vagina.PSD” and “Hippie shit” encapsulated this physical/digital juxtaposition with the title also being the file name, adding a digital layer of story to her work (some pun intended).

For that reason, this exhibition was ideal to the birthing of the Transfer Gallery, which according to its proud “parents” Kelani Nichole and Jereme Mongeon will be exploring the tension of the physicality of bringing new media art in a space. When asked about how they decided to make this gallery happen, Kelani was categorical: “We just wanted to fucking do it.”

Every birth is a laborious process and putting together the show was a difficult procedure, but it all came together in a packed opening with the audience engaging in conversations about the physical and the digital. Some people believed in the distinction between the two, whereas other were of the idea: “It doesn’t have to be one or the other, they are now blending together.” One could observe that with people digitally recording, through Instagram and other imaging apps, their physical art viewing experience is also becoming a part of that conversation.

Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 12.53.20 AM

Whichever your side, Alexandra’s artistic baby making will make you think and see this continuous debate through her own eyes. Literally and figuratively since her eyes are also very present in a lot of works.