Have you ever wanted therapy but can’t afford it? Well, this advice column definitely can’t replace therapy, but I’ll try my best. 

I’ll answer all your burning questions about life, love, Bushwick and organized religion. Thank you to our readers who sent in a ton of honest questions. I’ve plucked only the ones I’m qualified to answer. 

Dear Caroline: HELP. My ex learned Japanese, moved to Japan and is thriving. How do I reconcile with his success?

I hate to admit it, but that is extremely cool of your ex. But guess what? That’s OK. Terrible people can do cool things and you actually can’t do anything about it. Just note, I’m assuming your ex is terrible for the sake of supporting you. 

You don’t know the intention behind your ex moving to Japan. He could be going to escape, or to start a new life. You can only wish him the best. 

Think about it this way: He’s in Japan now! You don’t have to awkwardly run into him at the bodega, and you don’t have to wonder if you’ll be able to get back together with him. You can only move on. And, of course, make sure you’re doing something super cool so he can’t reconcile with your success either.

Pick up a hobby so you can both distract yourself from thinking about him and post about it to gloat at him. How about… silk screen printing? Just an idea. 

Dear Caroline: How do I find love in Bushwick?

The million dollar question. Bushwick seems like an especially hard place to find love, doesn’t it? But, you seem like an amazing, hopeful person and I absolutely believe in you. I found love through TikTok, which could be a great place for you to start, since TikTok does show you people nearby. 

A way I’ve met a lot of people is by picking up hobbies. It’s the best way to make new friends. I know it’s daunting, but even if you don’t find love from it, at least you’ve met a lot of cool new people. I picked up skateboarding. Just by going to the parks, you meet people because of that shared connection. Stand up comedy has introduced me to a world of people.

Find something that interests you and look up local groups for it. It could be a pottery class, a pickup soccer league, a book club, anything! 

Dear Caroline: How do I work from home during the winter and stay positive and entertained?

Let me say, I completely understand. Working from home during the summer? Absolutely heaven on earth — I’m on the roof sunbathing while taking calls. Working from home during the winter? I’m a hermit in Antarctica. 

I’ve learned a few things that make my WFH winter days a lot more bearable.

I like to grocery shop once every couple of days instead of doing a weekly run. It gives me an excuse to get outside and go on a walk, even if it’s short. I’ve been into making soups, roasts and anything that will warm up my entire body and home.

Find the closest coffee shop to you and try to work from there when you start to get antsy. Wake up, put on a real outfit, bring your laptop and grab a coffee. They legally can’t kick you out (not sure if that’s true) so just pretend like that’s your office for the day.

Lastly, invite another WFH friend over to your place. Spend the day together while you’re both silently typing on your laptops. It’s true bonding time. 

Caroline Cianci is a a stand-up comedian and comedy writer living in Bushwick. Caroline also runs a monthly comedy show in Bushwick called Last Drop Comedy. “You should come sometime!” she says.

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