Alec Meeker

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Over the weekend, the NYPD was videotaped arresting a churro vendor at the Broadway Junction station.

Sofia Newman caught the incident on tape and tweeted it out early Saturday morning in a seven tweet thread. Newman said, “…as I was leaving Broadway Junction, I saw three or four police officers […] gathered around a crying woman and her churro cart.” Newman went on to say that the officers told the vendor that she had to confiscate her cart and be fined by the city or she would be arrested.

The vendor did not give up the cart and Newman tweeted out a video of the subsequent arrest and cart confiscation. The tweets have gone viral with many residents and local politicians expressing outrage over the situation.

State Senator Julia Salazar responded quickly to the post with an assurance that her team was working to get in touch with authorities and intervene on the woman’s behalf.

Other Twitter users chimed in demanding an explanation of the incident.

Public Advocate Jumaane Williams also commented on the video, suggesting that the NYPD should have resolved the incident without a fine or arrest.

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