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Congratulations, Bushwick! You’re halfway through the most depressing month of the year—are you feeling it? The February blues are real, but if your vitamin D deficient brain is telling you it needs to be “wowed,” come out of hibernation this Tuesday to see something that could only happen in NYC. And bring your raincoats.

Brooklyn-based Sex Educator, Professional Domme, and “Olympic” squirter Lola Jean is gearing up to take her talents to the next level by setting The Squirting World Record. As one of the most cryptic mysteries of the female body, female ejaculation is still shrouded in unanswered questions, and like most women, Jean didn’t wake up one day spouting like the Bailey Fountain.

“No, I did not wake up with the ability to Dirty DJ my clit, which releases the mystical waterfall. I squirted involuntarily before I learned to harness the skill voluntarily. Much like an athlete, it is a talent I perfect with practice—lots of practice. And, much like an athlete, I use my athleticism to my advantage. A decade of squats transformed my pelvic floor muscles into jaws of steel,” she told Liberator

After years of self-exploration and perfecting the craft, Jean now uses her talents to exhibit the results and educate audiences all over the world.“I find the act of gushing pleasurable, sexy and empowering. I, too, can ejaculate on people’s faces. From my lips to yours. Consider me The Face of Squirting on Faces.” If you’re wondering what other factors are required to get yourself or your partner to squirting level, show up and find out!

Jean plans to set the world record for amount squirted in a one-minute period using only her hand. Aside from witnessing what could very possibly be a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle, the main event is set in a “kinky carnival,” (so bring your singles) complete with games including Human Piñata, Cock Ring Toss, Pin the Dildo in the Silicon Butt, and Plug of War.

If you see yourself taking more of a backseat role in the carnival, grab a drink and get ready to take in the Human Dog Show, The Olympics of Pain, and Pony Races.

Funds raised from the event go towards supporting Jean’s Laid Out web series which will feature detailed instructional videos on pegging, squirting, femdom, wrestling, and asphyxiation. There will be a documentary film crew at the event, but outside of the performers and talent, there will not be any close-ups of partygoers without explicit permission.

The party is from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. at 230 Bogart St. As for attire, street clothes, fetish clothes, pajamas and suits are all welcome. Don’t be left high and dry—only a few tickets remain, so hurry and snap yours up here!

All images courtesy of Lola Jean.

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