What makes us REALLY obsessed with Bushwick, are the only-in-Bushwick type of events. It seems that this weekend is full of them, and leaving the neighborhood seems like a big no no! Here are our favorite five of them:

#1 Concerts at new music venue Cheap Storage (Friday at 8pm)

You know that spot on Wycoff Ave, right by the Jefferson L stop that says CHEAP STORAGE in huge letters? That’s a new awesome music venue! They are opening this Friday with a great line up (DIVE, Total Slacker, Night Manager, Woodsman, Fabric). We know! You are welcome ;-)))

#2 Art show in a church at Bushwick Ave and Jefferson (probably Friday at 7pm)

This art show is a serious hear say, so we don’t have a link (yet). We heard some crazy guys rented this church, and put up art. We heard that Don Pablo Pedro is in the show. We love Pedro, but in a church?! You guys will all burn in hell!

[UPDATE: The church art show is on March 17!!!!!! Don’t go tonight!!!!]

#3 Apartment art show The Coming Singularity (Saturday at 8pm)

Yes, apartment art shows didn’t not cease to exist with the arrival of fancy Chelsea galleries! This is how the art crowd parties! “The Coming Singularity” is based on a hypothetical idea of the emergence of a “super intelligence” through technological means, in other words, there will be a bunch of local artists and DJs. Sweet!

#4 QRTS in The Active Space (Friday at 7pm)

Street artist QRST or Criminy Johnson if you like, makes sick paintings or grandmas and village uncles, and there is something pretty disturbing about them. The Active Space is opening their enormous new gallery and they are giving the man a solo show.

#5 Pioneers of Bushwick by Daryl-Ann Saunders (Friday at 5pm)

Daryl-Ann Saunders is a local photographer who was shooting senior residents of Bushwick who virtually lived their whole life here. We love the project and you should not miss the opening!