By Emilie Ruscoe and Katarina Hybenova

Police Officers Standing in front of Miles Bar on Wilson. Alonzo Maciel for Bushwick Daily.

Helicopters and many other NYPD units were on the scene in Bushwick Tuesday night after shots were fired during a heroin bust.

A narcotics detective was shot in his left shoulder at Wilson Ave and Troutman St and rushed to Elmhust Hospital at approximately 6:15pm this evening, officials tell Bushwick Daily. The officer is expected to survive.

Police behind tape on Wilson and Star. Alonzo Maciel for Bushwick Daily.

A second officer suffered a minor injury and is also being treated at Elmhurst Hospital, according to the NYPD.

Knickerbocker and Troutman. Alonzo Maciel for Bushwick Daily.

Law enforcement says that two suspects are under arrest, one of whom is currently being treated for gunshot wounds at Bellevue hospital. Reports that a third suspect has been apprehended were announced Wednesday morning.

Knickerbocker and Troutman

“I didn’t hear shots, but I saw people running,” Bri Brown, a bartender at Miles Bar, which is several doors down Wilson Ave from the scene, told Bushwick Daily. “I looked outside and saw a plain clothes officer lying on the ground outside of the deli on the corner of Troutman and Wilson screaming that he’d been shot, and called 911.” Brown also confirmed that the incident took place shortly after 6pm.

Looking up Troutman on the corner of Knickerbocker. Alonzo Maciel for Bushwick Daily.

Sources suggest that the injury sustained by the first officer, who the Daily News identifies as Jon Gladstone, was the result of friendly fire, which NYPD officials acknowledge as a possibility. Bushwick Daily will update with more information as it is received.

Dekalb and Wilson