By Chris Heuberger

Hello again runners and Bushwickians. So I’ve ventured out for another running excursion with camera in-hand to bring you this photo essay, fresh off the streets. Along the way this time, I even encountered some people I knew and many smells I did not care to. Here’s a rundown:

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I started my jaunt along Bogart Street where I came upon Trailer Park by Kim Holleman, a mobile public green space inside of a trailer. A lovely idea; though it needed a watering.

If you’re into street art, check out Meserole and Waterbury, where IDC, a Chicago-based collective has done some cool work.

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Note the Shepard Fairey in the reflection here too.

Then, when I got to Varick and Harrison, whom should I see but my own tailor extraordinaire, Arthur Arbit and my favorite furry puffball, Tinkerbell. Arthur is a Bushwick hero; artist, costumer, DJ and the genius behind Williamsburg Fashion Weekend. The man knows how to craft any piece of clothing and his breadth of musical knowledge is staggering.

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Until recently, I was unaware that Bushwick really had an art store but Soho Art Materials has sort of a satellite supply shop @ Gardener and Johnson. It’s tiny but they can order stuff if you call ahead.

Next, after lots more street art and what I like to think of as the Bushwick Highline, I veared off-course and up Troutman to stop by the Bushwick City Farm woodshop to say hello and do some hammering and sawing. They’re getting ready for the winter so there’s greenhouses to make and chicken coops to shore up.

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Stop by on a Thursday afternoon and Vinny will be building something cool. And can always use a helping hand or a donation.

By the time I got home, the sun was setting. All in all, a nice little run around the hood.

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