The time has finally come! After going almost completely MIA on Bushwick for the months of April and May, the L train will be making a grand re-entrance next weekend (watch, something will happen and the train will have some wacko service change as usual). ANYWAYS, this means this will (hopefully) be your last weekend of shuttle buses, avoiding leaving Brooklyn, having to transfer 180 times…the list goes on.

In celebration of the return of the L, listed below are some things that you will be able to do again once the L gets back from its vacation next week. But let’s be real, everything we may possibly need is right on our side of the East River:

Take the train to Bedford L and go to Smorgasburg (you all are on your own with this one, still can’t take the Bedford Ave weekend crowds)

Take the train to 14th and 6th to go to the Union Square Farmers’ Market (the place you say you are always going to visit but don’t. The Bushwick Farmers’ Market starts June 6 so soon the Union Square market will just be a distant memoryyyyy)

Take the L train to the last stop at 8th Avenue and check out Chelsea’s gallery district or walk the High Line. You’ll get to ride to the last stop but you will still be a 20 minute walk away from your 12th Ave destination when you get out of the station.

Take the train to Union Square and have a total reunion with your Two Buck Chuck at Trader Joe’s wineshop. If you don’t drink, then you can hit up Whole Foods, gorge on their buffet and then people watch in their cafe area.