MetroRock’s Boston Set up (photo via MetroRock Facebook)

Hanging in Bushwick is about to gain a whole new meaning.

MetroRock Climbing has today officially announced that it will be expanding to Bushwick in late spring of 2016. This Boston company with branches in Newburyport, MA and Essex, VT is building a massive rock climbing facility on 321 Starr Street.


“Bushwick is a great market,” told us MetroRock representative today. “NYC population is underserved as far as rock climbing goes.” You bet we are!

MetroRock Bushwick will feature tall and short wall for both bouldering and rock climbing. Rates haven’t been determined yet but they shouldn’t differ significantly from their Boston rates (a day of climbing for an adult costs $22 with a $10 full package of equipment).

While the building at 321 Starr St. will likely feature also other tenants such as a bar and a restaurant, MetroRock is so far the only confirmed tenant according to the developer of the property, Cayuga Capital Management.

Designed by Walltopia USA, MetroRock will encompass over 23,000 square feet of varied climbing terrain. Specific features will include:

• Rope climbing walls up to 45 feet tall

• Large bouldering field

• Fitness and yoga rooms

• Space for parties and events

• A full service gear shop

321 Starr St today (screen shot from Google Maps)