Photo courtesy of Christiania Martin

Do you remember the days when people used to gasp for air when hearing about scandalous happenings and life at McKibbin Lofts in East Williamsburg? Well, those days are over, and as McKibbin Lofts become more and more frequently inhabited with serious people with steady income, our attention shifts to Eldert Lofts at 345 Eldert St. off the Halsey L stop in Bushwick.

Because at Eldert Lofts the residents can take circus classes; get into a water balloon fight with the luxury building across the street (true story); or purchase a calendar with their nude photograph in it.

“I wanted to start a more serious documentation of a handful of Eldert’s characters,” writes Christiana Martin who is directly responsible for the 345 Eldert Calendar on her Indiegogo page. “I embarked on recruiting my friends and neighbors to take off their clothes for a few photographic portraits while we still look good, and are still able to get away with a bit of public nudity here in our beloved hood.”

Christiana has lived in the building for nine years now, and has been working on the project for the last three and half of them. “Those photos are carefully and collaboratively selected, are now available in full color and high quality for your endless viewing pleasure in calendar form,” Christiana wrote. “You’ll recognize the faces (and perhaps other parts) if you’ve been here a bit, and if not, you can just bask in the shapeliness of these nude strangers from 345 Eldert.”

You can order the calendar on Christiana’s Indiegogo page. The division of the proceeds from the sale is very interesting as well. All proceeds up to $1,000 will go to a yet to be determined project, in which the entire building will participate. The proceeds beyond $1000, will be distributed as follows: 3% each to the models involved, 20% to the photographer, and 20% to the community project. Additional money generated from perks offered by community members will all go directly to the community project.

The perks in the Indiegogo campaign include a tarot reading; a yoga class and even a nude party with at least three nude models attending, you know nude. The calendars can be ordered for $25.

[Update: Per popular request we’re including some NSFW images from the calendar, courtesy of Christiana Martin, models: Courtney Cooke, Marco Rangel,Andrew Davenport, Alex Lane.]