By Katarina Hybenova

If you spent past 24 hours meditating in a cave in Nepal, or if you just happened to be returning from your weekend getaway at Neptune, you probably don’t know that we had an earthquake yesterday! The entire Bushwick (ok, ok some other people too, e.g. the rest of the East Coast, it’s not like we’re Bushwick-centric) now knows, how the magnitude of 5.9 feels like. And I can tell you it feels funny, shaky, and a little swayi.

You probably saw your lamps, and felt your stomach swaying from side to side. I personally accused my roommate of shaking my desk when I’m trying to work, when she yelled “Earthquake!” and tried to run out of our Bushwick apartment. I argued that this is no California, and therefore this cannot be an earthquake. After the shaking continued, I decided to check on twitter, whether this was a real earthquake or not. Because where else would you go to verify if there was a natural event/potential disaster in progress. These are the Bushwick/Brooklyn tweets I saw:

Ok, so my roommate wasn’t the only one who thought it was an earthquake 😉

And really, twitter is the place to find out, about everything basically…

Some of our favorite art bloggers were quick enough to tweet about some earthquake art. Seriously, I admire the speed 😉

…and some haters out there envying our earthquake in NY. well, you gotta deserve one, you know 🙂

Don’t worry, David, not only Bushwick is really important, we felt the earthquake here too! wohoo!

Actually, it’s good to check if everyone is ok…

True…. The trucks are ruining the earthquake experience by making the earth shaking less special!

….and finally some hipster tweets 😀