It’s ALIVE! Local Artist Michael Alan Transforms Bushwick Models into Living Sculptures

At this point in the winter, after spending weeks on end going straight home after work and only leaving your apartment for the corner bodega and your local bar, you might be getting a little Bushwick cabin fever. Here is your opportunity to take a quick trip on the JMZ into the Lower East Side while experiencing the work of one of Bushwick’s favorite native-born artists.

Michael Alan, an “alien who wants good and to exist with a twist of chaos and a big splash of toxic paint,” will be presenting The Living Installation tonight, February 25th, at Gasser Grunert Gallery, 33A Orchard Street in the Lower East Side. This thrilling new event will open at 6PM and close at Midnight tonight. Tickets are available at

This exhibition will focus on eight nude models that will be transformed into “human sculptures” by Alan’s artwork.

David Modelo, Stacey Dawn, Selina Lee, Genevieve Sophie, Snow Kimtacular, Wrenna, Laura Weyl and Alyssa D’Anna will have their bodies painted and decorated by Alan and will incorporate theatrics to engage with the audience. The concept is to create a synesthetic affect by blending Alan’s already kinetic and vibrant drawings with the spectacle of a live performance. The press release promises to deliver an art experience that is “unpredictable by nature, Dadaist in its origin and based on the fundamentals of DIY.”

If the living, breathing artwork doesn’t sound awesome enough for you, there will also be musical performances from Alan, Tim Love LEE, The Residents, Renaldo and the Loaf, Ariel Pink, Meredith Monk, Jello Biafra, Tommy Ramone and many more.

Alan, who was born in Bushwick in 1977, has seen his work presented in over 200 group shows and 9 solo exhibitions. He is a highly prolific multimedia artist who also writes the music for his installations. His drawings are described by Tanja Grunert as, “twisted, squiggly, yet instantly communicative and harmonious… An evocation of gesture and expression, they capture a movement that is ever so changing.” Check out our interview with this artist from December 2012.

So get out there gang. Tonight there is going to be a group of naked Bushwickians creating a synesthetic experience the likes of which one rarely has the opportunity to experience, and that is something that deserves our utmost support.

The Living Installation will take place tonight, February 25th from 6PM to midnight during the opening reception of “Immortal Equations” at Gasser Grunert Gallery, 33A Orchard Street, New York, NY. Tickets are available at

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