Before you attempt to cure your hangover with yet another run of that celebrity cameo commercial to another one of highly anticipated movie trailers from last night’s Super Bowl, we’d like to invite you to watch these Bushwick commercials.

Perhaps you remember that in October, our own, very beloved, locally created Bushwick Film Festival has run a series of cool commercials before every screening. The audience was squeaking perhaps a little bit more than during that winning touchdown when they saw a cool commercial of their fave neighborhood bar, Pearl’s  or Brooklyn Fire Proof Stages. We don’t frequently have the opportunity to see local businesses make TV commercials, so let’s give these folks yet another run, and see how DIY compares to Super Bowl. Let us know in the comments which commercial you liked the best!

All commercials were kindly provided to us by Bushwick Film Festival!

Our fave commercial is the above-mentioned Pearl’s Social & Billy Club. I mean, no one is as cool as these guys!

Is it just me or does French simply make everything sound better? Check out the story of a fella who overslept but managed to get his job done at film stages of Brooklyn Fire Proof. Sweet memories belong to cafe, which closed in the mean time. *sigh*

Are you also a tastemaker? This one is funny.

And if you’re waiting to shed a tear, watch a commercial for locals Sebastian Printing. These guys are just adorable and I’m not printing anywhere else after this one.

FilmBot is an iPhone app for all obsessive moviegoers built in Bushwick. Coolio.

And last but not least BMP Hotel from Sunset Park.