Photo by Katie Killary

Snowstorm, didn’t happen, yada yada… In any case, we’re glad that no disaster took place and instead we enjoyed a bonus day full of play in snow.

We have a couple of questions about the snow storm in Bushwick. Feel free to leave us a comment:

Did you have a snow storm party?

Did you watch Juno, a 2007 indie hit with Ellen Page?

Did you build a snowman we should be aware of?

Did you go out in the blizzard?

Did you go sledding?

Bushwick Daily┬ácontributing photographers naturally couldn’t keep their cameras hidden for such an occasion and this is what we captured yesterday.

Two dudes awaiting the blizzard.

Photo by Kristina Headrick

Maria Hernandez Park was fun!

Snowy subway.

Bikes in the snow look, plenty!


Doggy lift

If you didn’t build a snowman, it’s like you don’t even live in Bushwick.

Ski jumpsuits made their comeback.

Ambitious snowdude.

Kids were the happiest! No school and plenty of snow.

Seriously, check out this snow palace!