Instagram Takeover – Katarina Hybenova – Bushwick Daily backend

You didn’t realize just how much goes on behind the scenes of Bushwick Daily…until our Editor in Chief, Katarina Hybenova, took you there. For the second time, we were lucky enough to witness a Bushwick Daily backend-themed Insta-Takeover, hosted by the gal who knows the site best. This virtual “day [or week] in the life” will have you wondering how she does it all. Scroll down for some highlights from her week – we’re talking photoshoots and meetings and, as always, beautiful Bushwick sunsets.

This week brings Lauren Krukowski to the forefront with a perfectly timely theme: “Falling for Bushwick.” (It’s officially fall now, y’all!) She’s originally from Minneapolis, received her BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, landed in NYC two years ago and, most importantly, moved to Bushwick on September 1st! Lauren says her work is “made from a place between control and chaos, and inhabits a space between representation and abstraction that seems familiar, but leaves many questions unanswered.” She’ll be photographing Bushwick from her vantage point as a real Bushwick newbie. Remember when you first got to know Bushwick? This’ll be like a [weird pseudo] trip down memory lane. Head over to our Instagram page to check out her photos throughout the week and see the hood through fresh eyes…

Wanna be an Insta-Takeover photographer? Just fill out our little application HERE!

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