Instagram Takeover – Sam Kellam – Life of the party – plant

Did you miss us? Our Insta-Takeover series went on a post-end-of-summer hiatus, but we’re back in full force! We may or may not have been hungover from all the party-centric photos that Sam Kellam posted during our most recent Insta-Takeover. Scroll down to see some of your faves from his time behind the camera, and make sure to hit up our Instagram feed for all the shots. See what I did there?

This week, our wonderful Editor in Chief, Katarina Hybenova, will show us the Bushwick Daily backend [part two] September-style! Katarina will be shooting all things fall in Bushwick and Ridgewood from her behind-the-scenes vantage point as the head honcho of our lovely website. Be on the lookout for some inevitably cool and informative pics!

Wanna be an Insta-Takeover photographer? Just fill out the ridiculously simple application HERE!


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