Screen Shot from OAK website.

Underneath the Eiffel Tower, you can buy a can of true Paris air, just in case you ever needed a quick fix of the most romantic city in the world. (In fact you can also buy it on Etsy for $9.90)

But what happens if you ever leave Bushwick and you find yourself craving the garbage processing factories’ smell, dog poop or a cement truck, which passes you by roaring and swirling around a cloud of dust that makes you cough instantly? Well, there is a candle for it….

Fashion brand OAK is so fashionable that their new collection includes this super-duper-trendy candle titled apptly McKibben + Bogart. For mere $81 a piece you can get all this:

The Bushwick candle is inspired by the Brooklyn neighborhood in the early 2000’s: wood, oil, paint thinner, incense, ICR vs Deth Killers of Bushwick and artist lofts. Scent highlights include terpentic notes of drying oil paint on canvases blended with incense, dry cedarwood chips, and dark gualac wood oil.

Apparently, each OAK candle is designed to invoke a different moment in time, a different intersection… So let’s take a look at intersection McKibbin and Bogart, shall we? (Btw… It’s not McKibben, it’s McKibbin but that’s just me being picky, while OAK gives us so much more things to make fun of here…)

Google maps screenshot

How do you call it when reality mimics Bushwick Daily comic about Bushwick-themed scented products? Our illustrator Jeremy Nguyen suggests that we all call him Nostrand-Damus (being in Brooklyn, and all).

Thanks Tan Roberts for a tip.