We asked you to submit your Summer rooftop photos for a nice little round up over here on Bushwick Daily. It was a beautiful weekend in the one and only Bushwick, and your rooftop photos just made it even better! There were sunset views, fireworks from 4th of July (ah, nostalgia) and silhouetted city skylines to brighten our inboxes — thanks everyone!

And here’s the round-up of your summer rooftop pictures….

Bushwick and Manhattan share a cotton candy sky, by Kate B.

Photo by Kate B

Mike D. captured this view while standing on the edge of the Bushwick/Ridgewood border

From a rooftop high above the Dekalb stop, Alex M. had the perfect city view

Barteezee spied on Wyckoff Avenue during Bushwick Open Studios

Brad F. found himself deeply set in the sunsetting skies

1717 Troutman’s roof deck provided a respite for Leanne P.

Energy rises as Bushwick’s pigeons fly by Matt S.

Lightning strikes twice for Tim G.

Ominous and inspiring, Rachel B. captured another Summer storm over Bushwick

According to Tara J., Rooftop > Anything else!

Bienvenido C was creepin’ on some neighbors…

4th of July fireworks over the rooftops of Brooklyn, by Liz D.

Amy D. caught this moment in time…

An awe-inspiring panorama—a Sunday sunset as seen by Kevin G.

Juraj B’s bird’s eye view on the neighborhood festivities

Adam D. captured this after a crazy thunderstorm—as the sky’s rage passed and the sun began to set.

Matthew C. had the whole roof to himself!

Milo B. filled us in on his secret meditation spot…

Justin L. enjoying his reckless youth

High above Knickerbocker Avenue, Ashley C. captured the calm before the storm

Just a typical day up on the roofs of Troutman with Ryan B.