Instagram Takeover – Heather Showstead – Lives before, old building


Heather Showstead

set out to document the “Lives Before” of everyday objects in Bushwick for her Insta-Takeover, she seemed to have architecture in mind. Little did we know she’d hunt down a lot more than just old businesses! Old cars, old furniture and, my personal favorite, old cobblestone were just some of her discoveries for the week. Seriously tho, imagine Bushwick with cobblestone streets. I’m obsessed. Scroll down to see some highlights, and make sure to show the love on

our Instagram page

Update: We previously said that Erica Johnstone would be the next guest photographer but she is no longer available for her Insta-Takeover due to scheduling conflicts. Heather will continue her Bushwick adventures through this week. We <3 you, Heather!

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