Instagram Takeover – Alberto Vargas – Corner

What do you know about your corner? No, not the one at the end of your block – I’m talking about the corner of your building. Last week, Alberto Vargas‘ Insta-Takeover was all about Corners and he showed us exactly how diverse they can be. From ivy coated brick to new slick surfaces to security cameras and barbed wire, the Bushwick Daily Instagram account saw a lot of variation in architecture. It’s amazing how such a simple approach can shed light on the perpetual transformation of a neighborhood. Check out some of the viewer favorites below but you’ll def want to head over to the full feed. Let us know if you can identify any of the buildings!

Speaking of transformation, Heather Showstead‘s theme for her Insta-Takeover this week is “Lives Before.” Heather will be hunting down remnants of past lives in everyday objects. She’ll be on the lookout for closed bodegas, coffee shops, mechanics, etc. and will lead us all in fantasizing about what went on before the transformations took place. She’s already gotten started and found some pretty neat stuff. (Hint: Have you noticed those elevated tracks on Myrtle Avenue that, well, aren’t really tracks?) This ‘hood has so much history, so we are totally psyched for Heather to uncover some this week…

Stay tuned for more!

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